Thursday, June 11, 2009

Shoals Young Professionals Association

Are you a young professional looking for an opportunity to network? Shoals Young Professionals Association is the prefect place for you to get to know people in the Shoals. These are the goals taken from the SYPA website:

Our Goals :

• To improve the networking and interpersonal skills of our members
• To allow members to develop a working knowledge of the community’s business environment
• To promote our members and their respective businesses
• To retain young professionals in the Shoals area
• To enhance the overall quality of life for our members and the community we serve

SYPA has events each month and sometimes more frequently. They are always entertaining and provide a great place to meet new people and catch up with those you already know. They also provide opportunities to serve your community through fund raisers and charity events.

Today SYPA is celebrating its third anniversary! First of all, congratulations to this organization for their continued growth. What they are doing is improving the lives of the younger Shoals residents. Networking isn't just for your parents anymore. You would be surprised at the connections you can make at these events.

If you have already joined SYPA, good for you! I hope you'll be at the event tonight. If not, tonight would be the perfect opportunity for you to get out and see what you've been missing. Here are the details of tonight's events:

When: Thursday, June 11 5:30-7:30pm
Where: Rosie's Cantina downtown Florence

For more information about SYPA, please visit their website and don't be afraid to contact them. They are some really nice people!


  1. What exactly is their definition of a "young professional"? I looked at their website, and didn't really see that explained. Are there age restrictins for membership? Is 30 still considered "young"? I wonder if we could get a representative to comment here and ansewer those questions? I know Heath Haddock (Outreach Chair), maybe I'll contact him & try to find out.

  2. Jeremy,

    Im not sure of the restrictions, but their functions always seem to have people that are older than I am.. which means they are late 30s to early 40s.

  3. Here's Heath's resonse:

    "We are a group of young professionals dedicated to networking, getting involved, professional development opportunities, etc. 30 is young (by all means). We do have a premium membership which has a cost. However we encourage everone to come out and join us. Some of our events we charge a fee (Mayors Forum, luncheons, etc. Many of our Afterhours are open to the general public. Great fun! And a great chance to meet new people. You should come out tonight. "